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"We have been patients of Dr. Pillai for almost 8 years and feel like we are part of the "family". One of our most important concerns we have for our children is that they receive consistent, quality care and most of Dr. Pillai's staff has been here as long as we have. They have come to know us and our children and we feel comfortable with them all. We have always received the highest level of care from her and her staff and we are so happy that we have stayed with her as our family has grown over the years."
Regards, Patty Macias

"I am so pleased to say that we have been with Dr. Pillai since our first child Emma was born in October 2003. Since then we have had another two children, Rebekah now 8 and Joshua now 6 year old, all with Dr. Pillai as our Pediatrician. Our experience with her is like nothing we have ever encountered before. Right after I had Emma, my first born, we went on vacation to Monterey . Being a first time mom I was very nervous. Once in Monterey , we discovered that Emma had a rash; we picked up our phone and called Dr. Pillai immediately. The wonderful thing about this is she has her personal cell phone number on her after hours recording. We were able to speak with her directly and get some advice on how to care for Emma. Dr. Pillai makes you feel like family. She treats your children as if they were her own. My kids absolutely love her. Literally. They always want to bring her a flower from the parking lot, or our yard and they want a big hug from her every time. Now I don't know about you, but my kids WANT to go to the doctor. My experiences with Dr. Pillai and her staff, notably Patricia and Cynthia, are always extremely pleasant. Another wonderful thing about Dr. Pillai is she is never quick to jump towards antibiotics. She is honest with her diagnosis, and she will always tell you to hold off if she feels like it is necessary, even when you haven't slept in 3 days, and are begging her. Thank you for everything you do for me and my family. Thank you all for putting up with me. We will be lifelong patients." Michelle Stice and the Stice family

"Imagine you are pregnant with your first born, complications have been building concerning the delivery, and you are scared your unborn daughter is not going to make it. It is four o'clock in the morning, you are being rushed into the E.R. for an emergency cesarean and the doctors cannot find your daughter's heart beat. As you lie there on the table with doctors yelling to get the baby out, you look over and see your unborn baby's pediatrician waiting in the operating room to make sure your baby is going to be okay. Your trust is in that pediatrician's hands to help your child live and you have never been so scared in your life. But that pediatrician calmly stands by your side while your baby is born and then cares for your child like it is her own. If you ask yourself, "What pediatrician will stand in the E.R. at 4 a.m. to take care of a patient?": the answer is Dr. Pillai. Now, 10 years later, Dr. Pillai continues to be a guardian angel to our family. She is not only extremely well educated, professional, and able to correctly diagnose an aliment quickly, she is also warm, friendly, loving, and cares for her patients as if each child is her own. She will always make room in her day to see her patients and is available 24 hours a day. Regardless of the hour, whenever you call her to ask a question about your child, she is always pleasant and never makes you feel like you are asking a "dumb" question. Her practice is about family and expertly caring for others. She does not run through each appointment as fast as she can, trying to shove as many patients into her schedule as possible. Instead, she spends quality time with each family, making you feel like your child's health is her most important concern. Her staff is also remarkable. The ladies are friendly, considerate, prompt, accurate, and always have welcoming smiles on their faces. The office is clean, roomy, and child friendly. Dr. Pillai has created an environment where children feel happy, safe, and protected. You will never meet another pediatrician as amazing as Dr. Pillai. Her combination of intelligence and warmth are unmatched by any other doctor. I have recommended her to all of my friends and I can confidently say they have never been disappointed. I will never be able to thank Dr. Pillai enough for being my children's doctor. Just knowing that Dr. Pillai is no further than a phone call away, gives me the peace of mind to be the best mom I can be."
Nicole Haynes

"We love Dr Pillai! We have been patients of Dr. Pillai for several years. She is the most wonderful, brilliant, loving, BEST pediatrician you could ever have! She was the one who diagnosed my daughter with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when other doctors had missed the diagnosis. She cares so much for her patients that she has called in her own personal time to check and see how my daughter is doing. Words can't say how much we love and care for Dr. Pillai.We highly recommend her to everyone!" Blessings, The Soderquist family

"Through eleven years of bruises, sniffles and broken bones, Dr. Pillai and her staff has done a great job of taking care of our kids. The term "business hours" does not apply here - Dr. Pillai is always available. It's reassuring to know that help is literally a phone call away whenever we need it."
Nancy Helmick

"I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation for Dr. Sindu Pillai and her staff. Since both of my children have been born they have had Dr. Pillai as their doctor and I am so grateful for her, her office is always willing to fit us in last minute, she is gentle accurate and always thorough, always taking her time with my children and for a mother that means more than words can say. I am able to call Dr. Pillai after hours, on the weekends, whenever I have a concern about my babies, she is always available to me and my family, always putting me at ease, I have the fullest of confidence in her. I have referred a number of my close friends to her, I live about 45 minutes away from her office and have a handful of pediatricians to choose from but would never go anywhere else. Dr. Pillai and her staff are truly a blessing to me and my family, I thank god for them." Sincerely, Darius, Samantha, Sorren and Uriah Auguletto

"We have been seeing Dr. Pillai since my oldest was first born and we absolutely love her! She is very thorough with her explanations, answers any questions we may have and is excellent with the kids. Whenever my children are sick or if I have any questions at all, I know that Dr. Pillai is just a phone call away no matter what day of the week. Being able to call her has eliminated many useless trips to urgent care. If my kids are sick the staff is able to get them in the same day, often within an hour or two from when I call for the appointment. Dr. Pillai remembers my children, their names, and their medical history and that means a lot to us. The office staff and nurses are wonderful and they do an excellent job with my kids. The office is extremely clean and well kept up. We love Dr. Pillai and her entire office."
The Schmidt Family

"I first met Dr. Pillai when I moved to Murrieta in 1999. I had just given birth to my second child and the hospital said it would assign me to a pediatrician who worked with my insurance. From the moment I met Dr. Pillai, I knew my children were in good hands. I had my third child, Joshua, in 2003. Not long after his birth, he was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. My husband and I really did not know what to expect or what would need to be done for Joshua. Dr. Pillai put our fears to rest immediately. She made sure that everything that Joshua needed was taken care of. She happens to be one of the most professional, caring and loving people I have ever met. I feel extremely blessed to have her as my children's pediatrician. I have complete trust and faith in her knowledge and ability to care for my children. She absolutely treats my children as if they were her own. From the first day of Joshua's diagnosis, she has treated him the same as my two girls while addressing his special needs when they arise. She sees Joshua for who he is as a person and not just his diagnosis. I am so thankful for Dr. Pillai and her office staff. They definitely make you feel as if you are part of their family and make every effort to accommodate all your needs. Dr. Pillai is without a doubt the exception in today's busy world. She always makes herself available to her patients and is always happy to do it. I thank God everyday for bringing Dr. Pillai into our lives." Jacquie Acosta

"My family & I have been Dr. Pillai's patients for a little over 6 years now. I am the type of mother who needs to know that my child's doctor is available for not only emergencies but also little concerns. I can say with great confidence that Dr. Pillai is the perfect doctor for my babies. I have always been able to reach her whether it's a week day, week night, weekends or holidays at any hour. Dr. Pillai has very caring hands on her approach and has great follow up. I have recommended Dr. Pillai to my friends & would continue to do so. I have the utmost trust & faith in Dr. Pillai." Natasha Cruz

"Choosing a pediatrician is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. There are many reasons I chose Dr. Pillai. She and her staff are friendly and personable and truly care about her patients. Dr. Pillai provides the quality care all children deserve and is very accessible. I can easily reach her after hours and can get a same day appointment when I need one - this brings me great peace of mind!" Best regards, Jeannie Rivenbark

"It has been approximately 13 years since our children has been seeing Dr. Pillai. She is the most amazing doctor in the Inland Empire. She has such a caring personality. Whenever I have questions, I can call her day or night and she will find time to answer my questions. I will recommend Dr. Pillai to any parent who needs the best pediatrician to care for their children. She also has the best staff who has been with her for years."

The Pham Family

"Our family loves Dr. Sindu Pillai! She has been our girls' pediatrician since they were born. When each of our daughters was born, she came to the hospital for their birth checks and was so friendly and positive. It is awesome having Dr. Pillai as our doctor, because she is always so attentive to our girls' and answers all of my questions (no matter how dumb they might be). When the girls have been sick, she has been wonderful. We are always able to get into the office to see the doctor that day. She has also called us on evenings and weekends to make sure the girls are okay. Families who have Dr. Pillai as their doctor are very fortunate." The Skorpanich Family

"Dr. Pillai and her staff are caring and wonderful and they get us in whenever kids are in need to be seen."

The Ibanez Family

"Dr. Pillai is my children's pediatrician and I have only the most positive things to say about her and her staff. First and foremost, the thing I love most about Dr. Pillai is the amount of time she takes with her patients. Upon entering the room, she greets you warmly, assesses your child, and confidently provides you with the information you need. Most importantly though, she always leaves time for any questions I may have without making me feel rushed or stupid. As a mother, I am thankful for the opportunity to ask Dr. Pillai questions. Another great thing about Dr. Pillai's office is her fantastic staff. In addition to Dr. Pillai, she has two people that work alongside her, Patricia and Cynthia. They are extremely friendly and welcoming each time we enter the office. Also, whenever I call for an appointment, my needs are accommodated whether it is same day or weeks out. Dr. Pillai's staff is wonderful with my children as well; even offering words of encouragement or stickers when my children have had shots or a good visit! Finally, I love the personal attention my family receives from Dr. Pillai. It's the simple things like the fact that she knows and calls my children by name. If I have only one of my sons in her office, she always asks about the other one. In addition, Dr. Pillai is available to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As we all know, children do not only get sick during traditional office hours. I have personally called Dr. Pillai over the weekend and after hours only to receive the same great care. Her availability to us is a huge relief. Overall, I am confident and comfortable with the care my children receive from Dr. Pillai. The amount of time she takes with her patients, the exceptional staff, and her personal touch make me happy to call her not only our pediatrician but also a friend! " Heather Carver, Mother of Two, Menifee, California

"I met Dr. Pillai when I was pregnant with my daughter Kayla about 8 years ago. We had a consultation where I could meet her and ask questions and she seemed like a great doctor for our first child. She absolutely was and still is! She now also sees our 3 year old son, Jonathan. We wouldn't want to go anywhere else. The kids love her and all of her staff are amazing. She always promptly returns my calls after hours or on weekends when I was a new mom who had tons of questions and concerns. My kids have had a few health issues and they have always been on top of referrals and has always got the best care there. Thank you Dr. Pillai and all of the wonderful staff who has been there for my kids and family for all these years."

The Amagrande Family

"Dr. Pillai and her staff are a tremendous blessing to our family. It is wonderful to go to a doctor's office where they don't only know you, but truly care for your family. Dr. Pillai has seen us through new babies, accidents, illnesses, and chronic medical conditions over the years and we have always been given prompt, excellent, and personal care. We are so thankful to have Dr. Pillai's compassionate and knowledgeable medical care for our children. "

Will and Lynette Varnell

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